Apr 22 2020

Kaleerein latest gossip

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Kaleerein latest gossip

Nazar Serial is a story of a daivik and davansh . Pia is a daivik . Pia is divya and nishant’s daughter . Ansh is son of mohana . Daivik and davansh are made for each other . Initially pia and ansh couldn’t even spend a second with each other but later on , as the story unfolds , they realise their feelings for each other and get married .

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Sitara serial is a story of a vishkanya . Sitara was born to vrinda – a vishkanya . Sitara is unaware of the fact that vrinda is her mother and she herself is a vishkanya . She has promised the king to take care of his son’s security . In this process , both viraj and sitara will fall in love with each other . Sitara tries hard to solve the mystery of her life as thoughts about her past keep on haunting her . Viraj decides to support sitara and find answers to her queries .

Patiala babes serial is a story of babita and minnie . Babita gets the biggest shock of her life when she gets to know that her husband never loved her . He brings his girlfriend in the same house and insults babita . Babita’s daughter minnie cannot tolerate her mother being insulted . She decides to move out of the house with her mother and start a new life .

Gathbandhan serial is love story of dhanak and raghu . Raghu is a goon who tried to kidnap dhanak’s father as he wanted to take revenge from an officer . In this process he ends hurting dhanak and her family . He later on gets to know that dhanak’s family was innocent . He falls in love with dhanak whereas dhanak is adamant on finding out the guy who kidnapped her father . Dhanak wants to become an IPS officer and love story between a goon and an ips officer will be interesting to watch .

Anurag and prerna study in the same college . Anurag’s father is a rich businessman , whereas prerna’s father works in Moloy’s company . Both of them are good friends . Kasauti zindagi ki is story of purest form of love between anurag and prerna . Their mutual respect for each other makes their bond much stronger . This serial is based on how anurag and prerna face difficulties and overcome them to stand with each other holding hand in hand .

Sampada married malhar just for the sake of money . When she gets the money from malhar , she runs away with her boyfriend – atharva bapat . Malhar breaks down when he gets to know about his wife’s truth . He somehow gets married to kalyani – sampada’s sister . He blames kalyani equally for sampada’s success . Kalyani tries hard to explain malhar that she is innocent but he refuses to believe her . Kalyani decides to continue her studies and bear malhar’s torture as she believes that one day malhar will get to know about her truth .

Guddan married akshat jindal because of her father . She entered the jindal house and faced immense hatred from the family members . Akshat is still lost in the thoughts of his ex wife and he doesn’t want to continue his married life with guddan . Guddan finds a companion in the jindal house – her grandmother . She decides to take the fight on and win everyone’s heart in the jindal house .

Kesari is hanumant singh’s daughter . Hanumant singh wants his son jagat to become a wrestling star and he wants to see him as bharat kesari . Jagat starts practising wrestling . Kesari watches her brother practising different wrestling moves and she gets excited about this sport . She starts feeling that even a girl like her can become a wrestler and make her family proud . Hanumant singh doesn’t support kesari’s decision of wrestling .

Raja Beta is a story of Dr. vedant and Poorva . Dr. vedant is a gynaecologist and he is an adopted son of the family . He was adopted by his grandfather when he was a child . He loves his family as he wants to pay his gratitude to his grandfather for all the love and support he received in his childhood . He marries poorva in order to save her life as she wanted to end her life when rahul left her at the wedding hall . After his marriage he receives another shock when poorva demands divorce from him .


Kaleerein latest gossip


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