Mar 1 2020

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Real estate factory


Property Data that’s built to drive.

Access an extensive amount of data and integrate millions of property records to create rich real estate applications. Power your sales and business with one of the largest real estate databases in the U.S.

Property Data

Property Records

Our property records are the most extensive on the market, with specific details on site, structure, characteristics, and address validation. It’s everything you need to know about a property, all at your fingertips.

Ownership history

Everything you need to know about the property’s past-life–owner names, contact information, and even the date of transfer. It’s all there!

Sales and tax history

Know the sales specifics: what it was sold for, when it was sold, and all the tax information you need. Excellent for insurance agencies, tax lien debt, portfolio management, among other things.

Property valuations

Our AVM is currently among the market’s best, and with our soon-to-be-launched ML AVM, we will provide the most accurate AVM in the industry! We’re excited too.

Area Information

Health statistics

Understand the health and wellness of your community, and stay informed of stats concerning obesity, diabetes, and life expectancy.

Local market information

Compare similar properties in the area, as well as market trends and other factors influencing price and value.

Sex Offenders

Important data on an integral part of community analysis. Know all the risks when it comes to living in your neighborhood.

Crime data helps to keep you safe and aware, but also helps you make smarter investments. Analyzing the community around you can greatly influence your investment portfolio, or your next home purchase.


Know everything from population stats to census data to inform your next property investment.

Know about the local schools in your area and where they rank, and stay aware of how that can impact the community around you.

Natural disaster risk & history

Know the likelihood of disaster and the frequency of extreme weather patterns in your area.

  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornados
  • Snow / Ice / Hail
  • Extreme Heat
  • Land slides

Nearby services & features

Find the nearest emergency services, city infrastructure, and public buildings in your area.


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