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Apr 10 2019

Hard Drive RAID Recovery

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Hard Drive RAID Recovery, REMMONT.COM

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Hard Drive RAID Recovery

Despite the quality and foresight involved in most RAID 0, 5 and 10 systems, they are sadly far from completely fail-safe. In the end, these are still small electronic devices, and are subject, just as any other form of data storage, to hard drive failure. If you encounter a situation where you require hard drive repair because of file system errors or RAID configuration issues, and are unprepared, you could be losing valuable clients, and profits. With over 20 years of experience, the hard drive RAID recovery experts at Hard Drive Recovery Group are ready to assist you.

Experience with RAID data recovery and other specialty services such as Exchange Data Recovery counts for a lot in this business. HDRG has been in business since 1984, and their hard drive RAID recovery experts have literally seen it all. We have recovered data from RAID systems using configurations by Compaq, Adaptec, HP, Sun, Micropolis, Raidtec, Storage Dimensions, Microsoft, Seek Systems, DEC, AMI and Pinnacle, among others. You can be confident in the recommendations of our specialists.

Data Recovery – One Of Two Typical Situations

Data loss can typically be classified in one of two ways. There is data loss due to human error, such as accidentally deleting a file and the other is caused by physically damaged hard drive. In either case, Hard Drive Data Recovery can provide hard drive RAID recovery services to you or your business, whether through hard drive repair or hard disk recovery software.

The fact is, RAID arrays are typically the most fault tolerant form of data storage available today. We have expertise and experience recovering data from RAID 1-5, as well as striped arrays (which provide the redundancy of mirroring) such as RAID 10 and RAID 10.5. Although data backup is always the best policy (remote backup being an excellent choice for mission critical data such as MS SQL and MS exchange databases), any RAID configuration is better than none.

Simple file loss due to RAID array misconfiguration, or user intervention are often very recoverable using server data recovery software, which is available directly from Hard Drive Recovery Group. We only offer small footprint RAID data recovery software, which means you can run the program from disk or CD and virtually eliminate issues that come with file write-over.

Physical Hard Drive RAID Recovery

If your hard drive or RAID server becomes corrupted due to physical damage such as flooding, heat, or electrical damage, the hard drive RAID recovery experts at HDRG should be your first call. Hard drive RAID recovery is a complex process which takes experience and special tools, as it is a much different process than simple PC or laptop drive data recovery. We have one of the only clean room labs in North America which ensures your media is safe from contamination. After your free media evaluation, our experts will be able to give you a clear picture of what it will cost to recovery your data, and keep your media safe.

You want to ensure you are dealing with qualified experts for your hard drive RAID recovery situations. Contact the specialists at Hard Drive Recovery Groups to find out how our software and services can benefit your businesses efficiency.

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